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Smith Kennels strives to breed, raise, and train the finest bird dog possible. The early development of a dog is paramount. We understand the necessity to encourage and develop the natural pointing and hunting instinct. From eight-week old pups to the finished dog, patience, consistency and a variety of training methods are used to enable a dog to reach its full potential.

Understanding the individuality of each dog, Smith Kennels tailors its training sessions to meet the needs and abilities of each dog. Being flexible with training methods is the key to Smith Kennelsí proven success.

Smith Kennels offers a year round training program from our facility in East Texas. From October through February, however, dogs are transported to our wild bird leases in West Texas where they are exposed to an endless supply of wild quail. We feel there is truly no substitute for training on wild birds. It is an integral part of our program.

Training is conducted from foot, horseback and four-wheeler. All aspects of training are offered; from simple yard commands to steadiness to wing and shot, as well as force breaking to retrieve. Smith Kennels is dedicated to providing great field performers to all our customers; champions for the field trialer and first-class hunting companions for the bird hunter.

** We Train All Pointing Breeds **

Training rates: $350/month
Payment is due at the beginning of each training period.








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